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mesh.intersects(ray) not working with heightmap


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Hey guys,


I am trying to place some boxes randomly on a heightmap. Easy, eh? Well, therefor I want to determine the current altitude at some random coordinates by casting a ray to see where it intersects with the ground mesh as suggested here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/2248-retrieve-heightmap-altitude/


That's what I got so far: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HLQ0L#0


But it always returns a hit: false ... I feel like I am missing something here or just doing it wrong but I can't seem to figure out what. Any idea?

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I guess you should get the altitudes in the CreateGroundFromHeightMap() callback function. Indeed, it takes some time to download the heightmap image file, so the mesh isn't yet computed when the function CreateGroundFromHeightMap() returns.


You could also use the dedicated method getHeightAtCoordinates(x, y) which returns the y value (x, z and y are the coordinates in the ground system).

I re-implemented this method yesterday, I don't think the last version is still in the PG.

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Wingut : eagle eyes !

can find a bug from 20000 feet high :lol:


I'm implementing a new method for height maps : getNormalAtCoordinates()

This will return you the vector normal to the map at the current (x, z) coordinates.

This will be useful for having meshes waving under the surface : y + val only is not efficient when the mesh is moving above a very inclined facet for instance, you may want to shift it along the normal.

This will be useful to compute a slope also : dot product (normal,  axis Y) if we want to give a mesh a direction according to the ground inclination for instance... almost physics, but without any engine ;)


[EDIT] : PRed

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