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Rayo, a desktop and lightweight text editor for Phaser


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I am the author of Phaser Editor but today I want to present you the early version of Rayo. As the title says, it is a lightweight editor made specially to develop Phaser games.

Why a new editor? Rayo is an "experiment" I started to test some great tools like ternjs with the hope to include them in Phaser Editor. Very soon I realized that the experiment was a good opportunity to release a complete text editor for those developers who dislike huge IDEs like VS and WebStorm but wants nice features like auto completion. 

So I did an extra effort and the preview version of Rayo is here, with some exciting features out of the box, like auto completion, jsdoc hovers, symbol rename, go to definition, quick outline, source reformatting, integrated linter, Phaser templates, buit-in http server, built-in Phaser Chains, and more...

It is a very young project and there is not doubts that it lacks of lot of features that you will find in well known editors like brackets or sublime text, but we focused on provides a nice experience for Phaser games programmers.

So go and download it! We also wrote a small tutorial.

Please do not hesitate to report any bug or request a feature here or in our blog.






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On 1/16/2016 at 8:11 PM, Jackolantern said:

Very nice! I will have to check this out. Even though I do like heavy editors like WebStorm, I also like to have a competent text editor for when I just want to work on one file and don't feel like firing up the whole cavalry. 

Hi @Jackolantern, if you like heavy editors you also can try Phaser Editor, it has many other features around Phaser and it is easy also to combine with lightweight text editors.  

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