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Ipod 5th Gen or Iphone 4?


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Hi guys,


I'm thinking in buy a apple device for test my games.

In my country, the Ipod 5th gen is cheaper than Iphone 4.


So, one question:


If I buy an ipod, the results are the same as the iphone?

The only difference that I saw is the 3G and call.


Thanks for all,


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I think an iPod touch is good enough to test. I think the only functionality differences might be stuff that's phone related, like testing what happens to your app if a call interrupts it.


The hardware's typically the same. iPod Touch 5th gen is actually better hardware than iPhone 4 (more ram and faster processor). The 4s seems to be on par with a 5th gen iTouch. iPhone tend to have better cameras as well. Oh yeah, I guess the big difference is the screen whereas the iPod Touch 5 screen is the same 4in as iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4's have the smaller screen. An annoying thing to have to test for...


Personally I use a 4th gen iTouch for testing, its pretty similar to an iPhone 4. Works for me!




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You can safely use an iPod instead of an iPhone, they are virtually identical when it comes to html5 games. The iPods are generally slower (lower power GPU / CPU) but that isn't a bad thing, at least you know if it runs well on them it will run even better on an actual iPhone.

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