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CORS Simultaneous TCP connexions Limit


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Hello guys ans happy new year =D


In order to solve cross-origin blocks, I created a PHP script which transfer images from other subdomains but the problem is that navigators implements a Simultaneous TCP connexions Limit (6 for Chrom and Firefox).

To implement CORS I added these lines in my PHP script :

header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *');
header('Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true');

Exists another way to bypass cross-origin blocks ? (download the image in the DOM and use it for WebGL ?)






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The limits to HTTP connections per server have nothing to do with CORS, and 6 is higher than it ever used to be ( See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/985431/max-parallel-http-connections-in-a-browser )

EDIT: also why would you need more than 6 connections for downloading images, I doubt the extra connections would improve the overall speed of downloading assets significantly

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OK for CORS implementation ;-)

But, I need to load instantly between 50 and 240 different images, but these images are dynamic and they depend of keywords like an online shop so I can't use sprite sheet :-(


Because that I would like to request more than 6 simultaneous connexions to my proxy PHP script.

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Ok, thanks Dad72, your solution works ;-)

1 hour ago, Dad72 said:


But finally, this is not that the problem :

the total downloads take less 10 seconds but all images are displayed after 20 seconds, BJS do blob one after one I have impression ?

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15 hours ago, jerome said:

Actually each image has to be transformed into a texture, then passed to the WebGL context. All this requires some computations.

OK, so the only solution to reduce this time is that I resize image from Backend before to send it to frontEnd ? (with power of 2)



Is it possible to trigger the compilation only after the end of all downloads ?

(refer to the following post)


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