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Loading problem with AngularJS


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Hello guys :)

I meet some trouble with BabylonJS and AngularJS. I have an angular project and some babylonJS scripts. I would like to integrate my babylon pages into my pages made with angular.

When I just open a babylon page by double clicking, everything is working well. When I ask to angular to open this same page into another page (with a div for instance with ng-include), my 3D environment loads and appears without problems while one second and then all my lights shut down but I still can see my animation working (but in the dark). I have an error in the console "WebGL is not supported". This error does not appears when I'm opening my page alone without angular.

I really don't know why angular reacts like that. Does someone has an idea?

Hope my explanations were clear, if not, do not hesitate asking me questions ;)

Thanks for your help !

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<div class="globalcontainer">

  <section class="loading" ng-include="'views/loading.html'">


Hello Deltakosh,

Thank you for your quick answer ! :)

Actually no, I don't open it with an iframe. I'm using ng-include which is an angular directive used to include html pages. Loading.html is my page with my 3D environment which is working perfectly when I just double click on the html file.

Do you want more code?

I will make some test with an iframe to see if something changes.



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