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How to scale a bone?


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Not enough information.  Scaling is part of animation matrix, so you could have an animation of scaling.

Is this about copying AnimationRanges from one skeleton to another with same structure?  There is a length member of a bone, if your export populates it.  There is also a skeleton method I just added, which uses bone.length if present & rescaleAsRequired = true:

  *  note: This is not for a complete retargeting, only between very similar skeleton's with only possible bone length differences
public copyAnimationRange(source: Skeleton, name: string, rescaleAsRequired = false): boolean {

If you are doing a complete re-targeting, with different skeleton structure & or bone names, you are on your own.  I am also in the process of adding a rest pose member, if this might help.  Blender exporter is only exporter populating length & rest pose, AFAIK.

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4 minutes ago, bulisor said:

Relate to this question.

Here is an old topic, where you can find the answer.

Ohhh thanks!!

Thats not the answer i expected :(  

Now im confused if there is some workaround. Otherwise i cannot use babylon anymore.

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Another question regarding this..

I understand the animation does set the bone matrix with every frame.
Actually i dont like the solution to apply scaling before rendering every animation frame. 
That would just destroy the good animation performance babylon has.

Would it maybe possible to loop over all frames to apply the scaling to the whole animation?
Like i would only do this once on animation start and not update before rendering each frame?


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