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Attach skinned mesh


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@JCPalmer meshes has to be compatible of course and they will be in the same state regarding the skeleton (which is the ask of the OP). REgarding exporting more skeletons than expected this is still a problem but I have no way to fix it in 3dsmax. If we can detect that two meshes are on the same skeleton in Blender this is cool :)

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Ok, This is like a head-body / teeth / tongue / hair / eye browse / eyes / clothes / shoes as separate meshes & assembling at run time as a sort of build your character game.

I know I tested where multiple meshes were all assigned at export time to the same skeleton, except head-body / teeth / tongue were merged for speech shape keys.  If you also want to use QI extension, you need to parent the meshes to the one with the shapekeys, cause that is where root bone translation is converted to position animation.

When that topic where the op set all the meshes to cpu skinning& some disappeared did concerned me.  I have not tested that yet.  That motivated my WebGL 2.0 promoting.

Yeah, I could put up UI, right next to the 'Ignore IK bones' check box, to not actually right the skeleton out at all.  Would still need to internally process everything, to know what the bone indexes are since could be skipping, then just skip the write.  Would not get to this for a while.

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