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How can i release resrouces


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i'm worrying about memory because ios has low memory(1GB under 6s)

pc and android is good to play my game but ios is crashed

i'm thinking because of memory and safari's bad memory controlling(safari is not good for webgl.  T_T how do you think about this?)

so i'm trying to reduce memory..


first. how can i release resources after 'load'?

maybe it doesn't need after loading so i wanna release clearly.


if you have any idea to control memory efficiently please give me idea to tip.. to anything ^^.



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So to be clear, PIXI.loader.reset() does *not* destroy those resources, it just makes the loader not hold a reference to them anymore.

You can easily manage it yourself after loading:

var cache;

PIXI.loader.add('res', 'resource.png').load(function (loader, resources) {
    cache = resources;
    PIXI.loader.reset(); // loader no longer holds onto resources, but does not destroy them

    // later, when you're done with 1 resource
    cache.res.texture.destroy(); // destroy the pixi object
    delete cache.res; // remove our reference to the resource so it is garbage collected

Hope that helps.

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