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IOS Performance is bad...


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IOS performance is really really bad..

my game can play 60 fps with galaxy note 3 but  iphone 6 and ipad air2 can play  about 20fps..

and iphone6 has memory problems because it have only 1gb ram and it shared cpu and gpu..

ipad aire2 is more good because it have 2gb ram.


I checked texture reducing,

all textures reduced half and gpu memory  to half and it took me safety.. but not fps up.. T-T


do you have any idea to optimize  ios?



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Only webgl..

my game can't play with canvas because it''s too.. too slow  and spine atlas has some different with  canvan ..

and my game is heavy. T-T

normally memory use 400-800MB and gpu memory use 100-400mb on chrome's task manager 

and i'm optimizing for mobiles that specially iphone because it is not safe with my game


at this time iphone version use 300-500mb of system memory and 80-180 gpu memory and i'm reducing..(this is so sad.. T_T because texture size reduced)

and i will be optimize game code soon ( But i don't have any idea yet.. T-T)





this file is chrome's profile with note 10.1 tablet. 



this file is chrome's profile with pc(i7)


i can't save ios' profile now..  i will check this...



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