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Hi, im new to the forums.  I recently came across this opensource game, browserquest, and i thought how better to learn how to program a game by playing with its insides. However, I dont know where to begin when it comes to what tools Im going to need to look at the code and such. btw the title is from how i learned to make some pretty cool technical maps on starcraft back in the day by just playing with other peoples maps and learning from that.

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There are instructions for browserquest in the source repository (there is even a brief wiki in there).

Looks like you'll just need node to run it. See their site for how to get node up and running (its super simple). Beyond that I'm guessing you have a text editor/IDE of choice, simply clone the repository and open up your editor and poke around. There are instructions for getting the server up and running and configuring the ports etc etc. It all looks fairly straight forward and, as you would expect from Mozilla, it looks excellently written, if a little old.

I would take some of the patterns with a pinch of salt, purely due to the age of the repository. But its great to see source code for a fully working app, I'm sure there are many goodies to pull out of there!

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