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Making a non-Tile style level using Tiled and Phaser


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I followed a tutorial to create a basic side scroller game in Phaser. The tutorial used Tiled to create the levels. But in the tutorial a homogenous sprite sheet was used where every tile was 70x70 px, but the game that I am trying to create has elements that are not of the same size. 

I have a background layer which is just a solid color repeating tile. Above that I have bridge left and bridge right tiles which I load from images separately by specifying the size every time. I have attached a picture of how it looks in Tiled and below is the link to how it looks like in the game:


I think I have a basic understanding problem of how Tiled and Phaser are working. The tiles don't seem to be in the correct position. There is white colour at the bottom and the character falls off even before the bridge ends.

Could somebody give me some direction as to where I might be going wrong with this? Should I use an Object Layer instead? Is there a better level editor for my purpose?

Thanks in advance!


Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 5.56.21 PM.png

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