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Blender vertex-normals to Babylon


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Hello fellow BabylonJS users,

I'm currently using babylon to put some product visualizations on the web, but today I ran into a problem that I didn't find to be documented anywhere. I got a poly-reduced CAD-data rip with custom vertex normals, in Blender everything looks nice and smooth, but when I export to babylon, all those data seemsto be lost.

Do you have any idea how to fix this?

I'll attach an image, showing the dataloss.


Have a nice day, J


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Do not think this is a problem, hence no documentation.  There are 2 ways to trigger the flat shading Feature, which is implemented in Blender in both cases.  On the whole scene, using a checkbox on the scene properties tab.  On a single mesh basis, on the data properties tab of such mesh.

Both features are documented, here.  You can also trigger BabylonJS to convertToFlatShadedMesh() of a mesh.  This command can also be put in the JSON file, BUT the Blender exporter no-longer supports this.

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