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Game Developer (HTML5 / JavaScript)


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This would be an amazing opportunity where you would join a small "SWAT Style" team of passionate, results-driven, engineers. In an effort to design and develop code that delivers rich experiences using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and related frameworks on desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and mobile app's. Work that will be viewed by millions and millions of students around the world. Ultimately your work will lead to higher learning outcomes and better experiences in the classroom.

As you know many people that put JavaScript on their resumes, may have used it for some simple validation of form input, minor changes to pages such as putting in a jQuery UI widget or a show/hide toggle. I’m looking for developers that have gone above and beyond that, and developed real applications. Individuals who have done this for the browser or they may have done this on the server side via nodeJS. Experience applying coding patterns to your code (Module, Sandbox, etc), valued modularization, written unit tests, and optimized for performance. In other words, your experience using JavaScript as a first class coding language is exactly what they need. 
Other notables are advanced knowledge of JavaScript, including prototype-based inheritance, promises, event delegation, DOM queries, closures, callbacks, AJAX, JSON, and understand the JS memory model.

Engineers always talk to me about “wanting to feel like they are a part of something meaningful or building something meaningful.” How about using cutting edge technologies you're passionate about, and delivering on a product that 50,000 students will use/adopt every day and around 30 million students around the world will use every year.

The impact you’ll have:
• Write code, built tests, participate in design and code reviews with fellow developers
• Work with a team of editors, animators, and product owners to understand requirements and deliver technology using Agile software development methodologies
• Build quality software in an Agile (Scrum) environment
• Design and develop applications and games in HTML5 and JavaScript, with a focus on Canvas-based experiences

What we’re looking for:
• Strong communication skills
• Experience with Agile processes
• Strong knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, DOM, AJAX, RestfulAPI
• Experience producing and shipping at least one or more applications for desktop or mobile
• Experience with JavaScript toolchain, from build system to automated testing
• Experience with React.js/Create.js or similar frameworks

We’d also love to see:
• Experience with educational software

• Experience with backend technology and frameworks, especially Java
• Experience with backend technology and frameworks.

*This role will require you to be on-site in the USA for a few weeks then will allow for remote options.*

We look forward to hearing from you!

[email protected]






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