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skeleton animation serialization issue


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I have a .babylon file containing a mesh and a skeleton (with animation)

I load the mesh and skeleton into a scene, twice, using the SceneLoader ImportMesh() function.

So now if I have a scene with two mesh and two skeleton.

If I play animation on one skeleton it only animates the mesh it is attached to.

So far so good

Now I serialize the scene and save it to a file.

I load the scene using the SceneLoader Load function.

I play animation on one skeleton.

Both the meshes are animated. !!


I think the issue is that, unlike mesh and bones, skeletons do not have a uniqueId.

In a serialized scene, meshes have references to skeleton ids and that skeleton id not unique.

I think we should  have uniqueId for each skeleton instance and when the scene is serialized the mesh should be serialized referencing their skeletons uniqueId.





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For now to get around this issue, just before I serialize the scene, I set the value of each skeleton id to a unique  string. 

Another thing I notice is that the engine does not remove artifacts which are no longer required. For example if I dispose off a mesh, the skeleton referenced by that mesh is still retained even though it is not referenced by any other mesh. Same thing with textures , material etc. It might be a good idea to provide an serialization option  to cleanup  or "garbage collect" any orphaned , unreferenced item. 

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Please contribute :D this is an open source framework

Regarding skeletons, they do have an id:https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/Bones/babylon.skeleton.ts#L16

It is supposed to be unique. Can you check what value do you have in your serialized scene for this id?

For auto-disposing, this is on purpose as Babylon.js cannot know if you want (or know) to later reuse the skeleton. But I agree with you this could be great to check it at serialization time



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I will definitely look into contributing. Right now I am just enjoying using Babylon. :)

Skeletons have "Id" but they do not have "uniqueId" . "Id"s can assigned by user and can be duplicate. "uniqueId", I think, are internally generated.

AbstractMesh, Bone, Camera and Light all have "uniqueId" which they inherit from Node. http://doc.babylonjs.com/classes/2.3/Node#uniqueid-number.


I could look into adding an option for serialization.

Cleaning up skeleton should be easy , as they are only referenced by mesh - right ?

What about textures ? They are referenced just by materials ? and materials themselves ? mesh, particles ...?





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Cleaning up skeleton should be easy , as they are only referenced by mesh - right ?


Textures should be already deleted (because of memory pressure) when not referenced.

Materials are only referenced by meshes


Regarding your bug: if the scene was loaded from a .Babylon then skeleton.id should be already unique.

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