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new mesh type : LineSystem


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Hi people,

It was expected for a long time, so here is it : the brand new LineSystem.

This allow you to create a single mesh with as many lines you want. Just pass an array populated with lines, each line being an array of successive Vector3.

var nbLines = 30;
var nbPoints = 100;
var lines = [];
for (var l = 0; l < nbLines; l++) {
    var points = [];
    for (var p = 0; p < nbPoints; p++) {
        points.push(new BABYLON.Vector3(p - nbPoints/2, Math.sin(p), l - nbLines/2));

var lineSystem = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateLineSystem("ls", {lines: lines, updatable: true}, scene);


Is this updatable/morphable ?

Yes sir ! As usual with the parameter instance :

lineSystem = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateLineSystem(null, {lines: lines, instance: lineSystem});


Have fun :-)

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