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Ninja physics - problem with groups (slow motion?)


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Hi, I have a problem with Ninja physics when I adding a group with sprite in my game.

I read on this forum, that Ninja doesn't support group collision, but mayby something was changed withing the last year, because in my it work, but not that what I expected.


What could be the cause this "bullet time" effect?
Without group everything was ok.

Can I use any trick for repair that?

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I did this with your code:


And got rid of the bullet time.  I basically still use the groups for grouping things, but enabled the physics bodies and collisions manually, by looping through the group's children array.

The thing causing the bullet time is colliding a box with itself.  Remove the line:

if(i == j) continue;

In my code to see it happen.

When you collide the group against itself, it doesn't do that check, so you get the slowdown.

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