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Phaser Editor v1.1.2 released


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New Phaser version? New Editor version! It is our philosophy and compromise.

Phaser Editor v1.1.2 bundles the recent Phaser build (v2.4.6) in addition to other useful updates like:

  • Embedded Java run-time (now Phaser Editor runs out of the box)
  • New set of project templates based on the Game Mechanic Explorer examples.
  • Integrated (offline) Phaser documentation and Editor documentation.
  • New selectable appearance (native and dark themes).
  • Improved JavaScript libraries (now supports ECMA5 and Browser APIs).
  • Chains, Phaser examples project templates and Phaser auto-completion updated to support Phaser v2.4.6.

Read the release notes.

Learn more about Phaser Editor and download it right now!

Some of the assets you see on the screen are part of the game The Life of Cuco.


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