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Found 23 results

  1. Hi indie developer friends You already published a game at the Google PlayStore? Then you know the pain of updating the store information in all different languages. As a start, we published a small tool for translating and creating the release notes automatically. That means: Your turn - Enter your release notes information in your favourite language Our turn - Automatically translate your release notes in up to 66 languages (languages that are recommended in the Google PlayConsole) Our turn - We will provide the "xml-like" format
  2. Hello, I load a Glft model with a loader https://bin.fuelphp.com/snippet/view/OI and later with a HTML button I change the model in the same scene with a dispose (to remove it) and reload the new. The issue is that it seem memory is not released from the previous model, on iPad tablet for exemple, the scene become very slow. After several disposes and loads safari crash out of memory. Maybe Am I wrong with the mesh capture : loader.onMeshLoaded = function (mesh) { actualMesh = mesh; }; any idea ?
  3. Phaser Editor v1.4.3 released Hello, A new version of Phaser Editor is available. In this delivery we include: New Text object. Different type of prefabs: Sprite, TileSprite, Button, Text. Improved preview of Atlas (tile, list and texture view modes), Image, and Spritesheet. Brush-like selection of sprite-sheet frames. Local website with examples and code. Internal web browser for a quick game run (experimental). Better HiDPI icons support. Read the release notes. Best Regards Arian
  4. Hello, I did a small contribution to BJS which has been merged recently, and I saw that my code is now integrated in the preview release to download here : http://www.babylonjs.com/versionbuilder/ and also in the preview CDN . It would have been awesome to have it updated in my project through NPM ! When do you update alpha releases on NPM to match the current state of the preview release ? Thank you
  5. Hey guys, I'm about to release a game made with Phaser 2.8.2 targeting Desktop browsers. I was wondering if there's anything I need to do to make sure the code runs as optimized/smooth as it can on players browser? In native world, I would simply create a "release" type build with compiler optimizations enabled. Is there such a thing? Thanks.
  6. Hello, Everybody! I'm currently planning to create a browser game using the Babylon.js framework. I am confused about deployment and how to actually release the game, so I would appreciate if you would solve a couple of mysteries I have about this. First of all, I can see that I need a webserver in order to use Babylon properly. I understand that this is because I need to define a custom MIME type for the .babylon extension to be loadable. Alright, so basically, all I need to do is use the js framework to craft my own game by implementing game mechanics and importing files from Blender wit
  7. Hi! We just released a new Phaser Editor version (1.3.0) Updated to the latest Eclipse version (Neon.1): Performance improvements and much more. Eclipse Marketplace Client: to install third party plugins, like EGit. We are evaluating the typescript plugins developed by the Eclipse community. Automatic Updates: all components of the editor will be updated automatically, including the latest Phaser official version (no Phaser CE support for now) Improved JS Editor: small changes in the JS type inference engine that results in a much better content assist (yet not *pe
  8. The melonJS team is pleased to announce that version 4.0.0 was released on November 28! You can read the original article and changelog on the melonJS blog: http://blog.melonjs.org/2016/11/melonjs-400.html Some highlights include a re-architecture of sprite handling to directly utilize 2D matrices for scaling and rotation, way better support for BitmapFont, and improvements to DebugPanel plugin performance with WebGL. Download the build and source code from the Github project page.
  9. Hi, we have released our new awesome html5 game, i will be very happy to get feedback from you! Also i can tell you about development! Newgrounds : https://goo.gl/6VrMBx Kongregate : https://goo.gl/vPUh4s Rate us please, that's very important fo us!
  10. Hello Everyone, I am Ahmed Khalifa, known as Amidos. I am a PhD Student and Indie Game Designer/Developer. Recently I was developing couple of roguelike games and everytime I start to develop a new game, I have to create an algorithm to generate the map from scratch. I got an idea inspired by Nicky Case (Emoji System Post) and Kate Compton (tracery). The idea is to have a library that is super flexible and powerful enough to be used to generate maps for games (not only background tiles but also player, goal objects, enemies, and ...etc). From here I got the idea of ProcEngine. P
  11. A while ago I wrote an HTML5 game called "Crucial Pain" for outofscope dev. We now decided to open source it and I wrote an article about the development process and the decision to make it free. You can read it here. download it from the AppStore for free (no ads) https://github.com/outofscopedev/crucial-pain
  12. We have released our very first Android application called HTML5 Games Club on the Google Play Store. This application allows you to play with more than 1700 HTML5 games without any additional installation. Here you can play games provided by well-known HTML5 game distributors such as Famobi, GamePix, HTMLGames, TreSensa, Spil Games and Softgames.The application is available on the Google Play Store. Install and try it now!
  13. We have released our very first Android application called HTML5 Games Club on the Google Play Store. This application allows you to play with more than 1700 HTML5 games without any additional installation. Here you can play games provided by well-known HTML5 game distributors such as Famobi, GamePix, HTMLGames, TreSensa, Spil Games and Softgames.The application is available on the Google Play Store. Install and try it now!
  14. New Phaser version? New Editor version! It is our philosophy and compromise. Phaser Editor v1.1.2 bundles the recent Phaser build (v2.4.6) in addition to other useful updates like: Embedded Java run-time (now Phaser Editor runs out of the box) New set of project templates based on the Game Mechanic Explorer examples. Integrated (offline) Phaser documentation and Editor documentation. New selectable appearance (native and dark themes). Improved JavaScript libraries (now supports ECMA5 and Browser APIs). Chains, Phaser examples project templates and Phaser
  15. Hi guys! I have this scene where I import different meshes with lots of polygons, like here: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1OI6LZ#11 You'll see that I'm importing the same mesh repeated times instead of using instances on purpose. So at some moment, I'd like to remove some of these meshes. In the example above, when you click on the skulls, the mesh.dispose() is called. When I track the memory with the Chrome JS Heap timeline tool I can't really see the memory released though when the dispose() function is called. Here the four skulls were loaded and then I clicked on
  16. Today we released the first version of Phaser Editor for Linux. In this version there are no new features, else some bug fixes, read the changes log for more details. The Windows binaries was updated too. The next stop is Mac OSX join us to be notified. We let you with a screenshot of this IDE running on Ubuntu Gnome:
  17. Hello everybody I just published my game Jolly Jumper it can be played here http://shohan4556.itch.io/jolly-jumper please let me know your thought about this game. Thanks.
  18. Hi, The last version of Phaser Editor is ready to download! This is a Release Candidate version (Phaser Editor RC 15.11). This time we are also releasing new great stuff: The website was reworked with a new look.We created a blog to keep you updated and write about the great features around Phaser Editor.In the blog you will find a quick start guide to help you with the main tasks. This guide includes 8 video demos.The subscription form was moved to a professional website so we can give you a better newsletter.This release is an evaluation product but with no expiration date, it just sh
  19. Hello, Today I released the commercial version of Phaser Editor and opened the source code (MIT) in Bitbucket. Read more.. Best regards, Arian
  20. Hello to everybody, I wanted to share with you my first HTML5 game! The idea behind the game is very simple: collect all the coins you need in order to pass the level before the time expires. Sound simple? No it's not, it's actually very challenging and you will probably hate and love this game at the same time (but please just don't blame me if you will eventually drop your macbook pro out of the window). You can play it and/or get more informations trough this link. I'm looking forward to get some feedback from this community, please give me your suggestions. At present I'm selling it
  21. Hello lovely people. I've been working on a game with Phaser, and just released it on the Chrome Web Store. It's an arcade style game, inspired by Space Invaders and Pacman. You're a lone tank commander, in the middle of a desert with limited resources. You have to survive an alien swarm until help arrives. Here are some screenshots: Thanks to Richard Davey for his work on Phaser - I had a blast using it! If people are feeling in a generous mood, please leave a review on the Chrome store. It will help other users decide whether to play the game, and will help me impr
  22. Hi, I created a little game sandbox with some physics models: gravity, cloth, DLA, fluids, soft body. Play it online here: http://dreamequation.net/sandbox/index.html Your feedback is welcome. Enjoy!
  23. This is my latest game for the game-a-week challenge. It's just a simple game that has the player shoot crates falling off the back of a truck. There are an infinite number of levels and the difficulty just keeps getting higher and higher until you die. The object of the game is to get lots of points. There is an internal multiplier that increases if you shoot but don't miss several times in a row. You can find out more information at my blog: http://simplypixelated.com/ And a direct link to the game: http://simplypixelated.com/cargoblaster/ Enjoy!
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