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Blender export with Lightmaps

Bob Razowsky

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Hi everyone!

I have trouble to get what I want with the blender exporter.

I have a mesh with a material containing two textures, a standard image texture and a lightmap created with blender. I have two sets of UVs, one for the basic texture and one for the lightmap.

When I export my scene, a new texture is baked and applied, but I don't need it, I already have my lightmaps. What am I doing wrong? Is where a way to keep the exporter from baking?

Thx all!





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If I understand, you are blending 2 textures into a single material.  You do not show the influence sections.  I am guessing they are both diffuse. 

In order for the exporter to map your blend to BJS, the blend must do something that can be done in BJS.  In BJS, you can have multiple textures per material, but pretty sure that they must not be in the same channel.  For instance, you can have a diffuse texture and a normal texture (named a bump texture in BJS). 

I recently added functionality to exporter to examine if mapping could occur, and at least bake when it could not.  Before then, you were just basically screwed.  This is the only way procedural textures & cycles can directly be supported.  I am not sure why you want texture blending in the same channel in BJS.  It would have to be slower, uses more memory. 

It is certainly preferable to keep them separate, so they can be independently updated, but not implemented that way in a real time system like webGL.  Baking actually performs steps that reduces resources.  You may think you want this, but you may need to better know, what to want.

Here is how the influence section maps & here is the whole user guide.


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