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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have static objects and static lights inside my scene sou it would make sense to bake them to save resources,, anyone have done it? is there some workflow to generate them from scene (in 3d max or other tool). Thanks
  2. HI everyone, my "miniexport" of a simple unwrapped model lacks in automatic texture baking, which should be possible if using cycles render. So there is the questions: What are blender procedural textures (are this the cycles nodes from the popup-menu "Texture" , like Voronoi etc. ) ? What I'm doing wrong? PS: I understand "automatic texture baking" in the sense of no manual baking and saving to disc, but exporter will do this or exports inline if this option was checked. Cheers
  3. So in my scene I have several meshes I want to export exactly as they are. My idea was to clone all of them, baking using bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices() and later Serialize them The problem I'm facing is that when I apply bake function to the clones, originals are affected: No baking clone: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3FDSO#0 Baking: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3FDSO#1 Am I missing a parameter? Is there any other way to achieve the same effect?
  4. Hi everyone! I have trouble to get what I want with the blender exporter. I have a mesh with a material containing two textures, a standard image texture and a lightmap created with blender. I have two sets of UVs, one for the basic texture and one for the lightmap. When I export my scene, a new texture is baked and applied, but I don't need it, I already have my lightmaps. What am I doing wrong? Is where a way to keep the exporter from baking? Thx all!
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