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[ADDON] Checkbox in Phaser


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Hey guys,

for a game I'm creating at the moment I want to use checkboxes in Phaser, so I build a little addon.

The addon will automaticly integrated into the Phaser.GameObjectFactory and you can use it for free.

After loading the js you can use   game.add.checkbox() to create a checkbox. 

The checkbox is build with a sprite(sheet), textfield and button, has it's own state and predefined input/events  

It has getter for state, getter and setter for position, could be disabled and has the options to add events to  input-over, input-out and input-up events

Here you find more informations and the files : http://adf.ly/1XRxu1 (if you want to support me)   or http://www.phaser-lernen.de/phaser-addons/checkbox/

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