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[resolved] Sphere inside an other sphere


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I was actually able to get it working without size reductions (in my #1 PG version)... but I forgot to update my post.  (which was talking about my #0 version)

So, yeah, my PG #1 doesn't reduce size, but it changed to arc and I set some camera speed, and... um... i set background to doubleside instead of backside, and then set background sphere visibility to 50%.  The inner sphere was doing something... looked like z-fighting.  I don't know if my switch to doubleside fixed that, or what happened there.  Might be worth investigating further.

Edit:  Yeah, it was maxZ, which you guys already figged.  

But yeah, that puppy is big big big.  Rare that we work big numbers like that.  I got a little scared. :)  Check out my camera speed - ROCKET powered!

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