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Some questions from newbie


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Hello, i got a some questions, about a Phaser, i was just looking at example code, and it look like Phaser is very nice to learn,also it let you make a interesing games. To learn Phaser i need any special requiments? Ik some html,css, javascript with jquery libary.  I won't call myself a medium or expert, but i got a basic of procedural and objective programing. Is that enought to learn Phaser? Also can i make a native android games using Phaser (i mean, add it to google shop and pepole can install it), can i also make a native Windows/linux Desktop app? Also i worry about learning Phaser now, because V3 gonna come soon probally, v3 don't use Pixi, so if i start learning V2 and do my project in it, over a time my project won't work on V3 + i gonna have alot of new thigns, is it worth to learn Phaser now? Also can i use Phaser for comerical ussage for free? Also do Phaser support database ?

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  1. Phaser is pretty easy to use, if you can program in general, picking it up won't be hard.  There are plenty of tutorials available for you as well.  And, the more you use it, the better you'll get.
  2. There are ways to wrap your project up into an app and deploy it to both iOS and Android, even desktop.  Off the top of my head, you could look into CocoonJS or Apache Cordova.
  3. I don't feel learning Phaser now would be a detriment to you.  Phaser is going into the long term support cycle, so even when Lazer (v3) comes out, you can still use Phaser.  Also learning to use Phaser is going to beef up your programming chops, which should make learning Lazer later easier.
  4. Phaser is licensed under the MIT license, so in short, yes you can use it for commercial usage for free.  Read the whole license here: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/master/license.txt
  5. Phaser doesn't have an functionality built-in for databases, but if there's a JS library available for your DB, there's no reason you couldn't use that alongside Phaser.
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