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Check if it's running with WebGL or Canvas?


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So I made a quick example here that works like the bunny benchmark on pixijs. It works when I set the render to CANVAS but the screen stays black when it's set to either WEBGL or AUTO.


Here is the example running on the Smart TV emulator. It works the same on TV with worse performance, obvious ;)



I've attached the full project for you guys to take a look. It won't work on a normal browser since it will try to find the referenced TV APIs. 


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If the Pixi WebGL demos work for you, but Phaser in WebGL mode doesn't, then it can only really be a few things. I have never used the Smart TV emulator, does it have a standard console you can inspect? My guess is there will be an error in there somewhere.


Try toggling the transparent and anti-alias flags too.

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