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Looking for a cofounder

Eric Muyser

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Hey guys,

I'm Eric Muyser. I'm a web developer in Canada. I've built some apps, game engines, bots, emulators and such over the last 15 years. I've made attempts at making games before, and never finished, but I know where I went wrong. I now have values that guide me, both personally and professionally (many found in Think and Grow Rich). I'm now ready to make games for fun and for profit. 

FAQ #1: "I don't agree with all of this?" That's okay. I think that's why it's such a struggle to find a good match - we all have different opinions. If you don't agree with half of it, please disregard this post and keep on doing your own thing. If you align with most, but not all, let's chat anyway and feel each other out.
FAQ #2: "Why a cofounder?" In my mind, the most effective mastermind is a partnership (combined ideas, experience, perspectives, connections). An employee will rarely fit that role, because it's unlikely they will be of similar mind or on the same vibe. A friend will not often share the same philosophy, and if they do, it's still a business venture and it's important we both know that and we're both invested. Friendship is ideal, and likely, but not mutually exclusive to be a cofounder.
FAQ #3: "Why did I never finish a game?" Overly ambitious goals + competitiveness. Perfectionist, isolation to build the next best game engine and map editor, and life getting in the way. Standard stuff. I'm over that.

I'm looking for another developer who shares similar values (I'm open minded, not everything has to be a match, let's talk) and has decent programming experience (preferably JavaScript, currently using Phaser + React Native).

Non-competitive, very faithful mindset. Build great games, don't worry about people stealing our ideas or games.
Agile mindset. Small diffs over big bangs. Get something done and working, then iterate on that.
Specific frameworks matter less than results and cross-platform distribution.
Build something that works, and find a graphic artist who takes an interest later.
Build native modules when necessary (C++) and consume them in scripting land (JS/LUA).
Impact mindset. Build for millions of happy players.
Seek feedback early and often.
Don't compromise core game mechanics for timelines, bottom lines, or any other lines.
Don't give paid players a competitive edge over non-paid players.
Enrich the lives of everyone involved. Give to people more use value, than cash value received.
Promote trade and random distribution.
Make experiences as unique as possible.
Levels should be beatable, and just difficult enough if the player makes a mistake, they blame themselves.
Experiences shouldn't feel -arbitrarily- random or have lots of boring buffer content.
Movement and controls are key, if these are missing, it doesn't matter if everything else is there.
Use randomization heavily in items, skills, and character builds.
Empower modding. Give users the ability to generate their own content, languages, and tutorials.
Community involvement should be open on day 1 of development.
Don't take all of this too seriously.
Some games we look to for inspiration (in some areas, not all areas): morrowind, diablo 2, silver, pac-man 256, agar.io, realm of the mad king, zelda, golden sun, fire emblem, pokemon.
Next steps:

☐Contact me.
☐Lets chat about our vision, goals, and see if there's alignment.
☐Help each other with a few simple games.
☐Build out a "game engine" (or rather, a library to re-use similar components).
☐Create some wicked and wickedly successful games.

Please reach out if this interests you. Thanks for your time,


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Hi Éric, 

I like the way you see conception of game with other people, good mind, i'm also feel like that! i begin a little project, i miss an outside and experimented vision / advice / ideas / participation :)

Have a look here

Keep me touch and have good time


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