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Best typography with WebGL renderer


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I am trying to figure out the limitations in text rendering of Pixi (or WebGL). Because I am working on a project for Smart TV, the text needs to be as crispier as possible, but I would really do with 60fps.

I opened an issue on GitHub and discovered some strange behaviours when caching to bitmap and even comparing vanilla canvas with pixi canvas rendering: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/2393

I get that I can't expect in WebGL the same quality of DOM rendering but I still have hope that I could get closer.

Is there some good examples, maybe retina friendly, that I could review?


Thanks a lot for any help!

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@mattstyles yes I have a very animated and typographic UI to build and if I use the DOM I probably get around 20fps on the device (which unfortunately is not a PC). I think I need to find a compromise. Would be very happy with 40fps and a bit less crispiness. I tried with canvas elements and the performance doesn't get much better. I believe with an unchanged design the only two options left are Pixi 3d or a single big 2d vanilla canvas (if pixi can't match its rendering with a canvas renderer).

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Nothing special really. Just detect device resolution, take pixel ratio into account and resize Pixi.text accordingly. Dont forget to round font size and position coordinates for better results... 

If there is more you would like to know about it, I'll be happy to answer

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