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Knowing mesh axis


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DeathSoul (cheery name)... check out this doc:  http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/Position,_Rotate,_Translate_and_Spaces

It has lots of playground demos that use a contraption named showaxes.  I don't think showaxes is built-into our Babylon.Tools section, yet, but it COULD be.  You will need to think about LOCALspace and WORLDspace.

To "get your bearings"... check out that doc above.  Also, I sometimes use a texture on my playgrounds called "orient.jpg".

For proper visualization, SOMETIMES set axes.parent = myRotatingMesh;.  This is so the LOCALspace axes rotate WITH the mesh.  Most of the demos on that doc page... don't parent-together the axes or ever animate them.  Write back if you have problems setting the pivot point of a parented-together set of axes/labels.

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