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Particles with GodRays Demo - Once Worked, Now Fails


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Hi gang!  I found an older CSG/Godrays demo that once worked, but now doesn't.  http://playground.babylonjs.com/#UUXLX#9

It looks like something is wrong with the godrays texture (the base64 image on the plane inside the rotating cylinder).

I was going to combine this scene... with a skull loader, to see if I could help @ancientholiday with a "CSG on imported mesh" challenge:)

Advice welcome!  Thanks!

(Hey Ancient... if you read this, be sure your skull is set updatable=true.)

Ok, bye.

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Ouch !

Due to a recent update, the customized meshes (not created with the VLS itself) should be rendered with an emissive color, or you should intensify the effect.

Here, I added the emissive color : http://playground.babylonjs.com/#UUXLX#11

Or you can intensify the effect : http://playground.babylonjs.com/#UUXLX#12

With the recent update, the VLS rays are more respectful to the materials of the emissive mesh

Sorry for this inconvenience :( 


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Want to try another one, @Luaacro:)  http://playground.babylonjs.com/#2L5DBX

I believe that, once upon a time, these particles produced godrays (emitting from each particle).  Maybe your excellent eyes can spot what I need to update.  Any help (by anyone) would be appreciated.  Sorry for the messy playground.  The rad1 radiator is created near the top, and the particleSystem and godrays... near the bottom.

Sorry Luaacro... I have SOME comments in PM, and some in public forum.  I'm just all over the place, today.  :)

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  • 5 months later...

Bumpity bump.  :)  The CSG issue with God-Rays, has been solved... thanks Luaacro.  But...

I'm still looking for heavy-assistance in getting Volumetric Light Scattering (VLS/godrays) to work with particle textures.  Perhaps we could check sprite textures, too.

To remind, the playground spoken-of in the previous post... once had god-rays radiating from each particle.  I would love for that feature to return.  Any ideas/assistance would be highly appreciated.

update:  VLS/godrays on particles is no longer supported.

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