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Un wanted light


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I have a tool I have been getting ready.  (Finally, got the MakeHuman expressions all the way to BJS today.  They are amazing, but most are probably not good for actually talking at max gain).  Here is a shot from a few days ago, using my version of ANGRY.Selection_169.thumb.png.596f0d73165dc64a

I also just added another light to get better hair color,  but now the interior of the mouth is really redder. I tried all 4 light types, but no change.  In the real world, a light should mostly be shielded unless pointing at the mouth.  I know there are many quantitative solutions:

  • lower intensity of above light
  • exclude mesh from light
  • shadows, maybe

I am just wondering if I am doing something wrong.  I fcked up getting expressions to work so badly, am a little rattled right now.Selection_170.thumb.png.927701b2987e7e30

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