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Load .obj file with out .mtl


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Hi N!


I show it being 71 bytes.   Only data inside is:

# This file uses centimeters as units for non-parametric coordinates.

FYI... @adam said something about working on a bug in objectLoader regarding material loading... something about needing to load .mtl FIRST, and then the model data.  But maybe that is not pertinent, here, yet.  :)  Two other threads about .obj loading... have happened recently.  Epidemic? 

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CORs hassles.   grrrr.   CORs ruined all the fun of the web, it did.  :(

Let's borrow some of Xander93's code for a moment.  Go here... http://urbanproductions.com/wingy/babylon/khaled/objload01.htm

Push gray box in lower right, and load aw2.obj from your local drive.  Works fine for me, but that doesn't mean anything important.  :)

Pardon the bad assetManager loading screen... I guess I broke it.

I have heard some talk (a rumor) about using Append() instead of Load()... but I don't know the status of that.  Xander93's app uses Append.  (see its source)  I changed it to be Append, not Xander93.

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