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Babylon Audio Analyser


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Hi guys!

So I've been checking out this demo here and one thing got me interested in is that this demo performs differently under different devices.

In my desktop PC, only approx. 1/4 of the bars are getting scaled, while on my laptop 3/4 of all the bars are getting scaled up.

And in my mobile phone none of the bars show any change.

Can somebody explain how does this stuff work?


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Hi O!  Did you read about the Web Audio spec on the web... which devices honor it, which not?


It doesn't track the music very well for me, but it's all new new new.  Steve Duran... @Stvsynrj - pretty much a God of "demos"... built this demo.  Davrous was involved in audio dev too, thx Dav and Stv (and all others)!

Have you examined the processing load for that demo?  I bet that thing is working hard to give us a 256-band audio spectrum (filtering) and the webGL that goes with it.

I think you should read about it on the web for 3 weeks, and then come TEACH US how it works.  :D   Professor Omar.  Yeah, "sounds" good. 

Just kidding, of course.  But... not really.  It would take a REALLY long time to explain, and I would fail in all ways.  Maybe others want to try.  But, lots of info on the web, I would think.  Try a search for 'web audio latency'.  Read and then teach us all, okay?  :)

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The very up to date doc is on my blog in fact: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/davrous/2015/11/05/creating-fun-immersive-audio-experiences-with-web-audio/ ;)

For the audio analyser, I'm simply binding to the one exposed by Web Audio. Maybe the implementation could vary between platforms on the intensity of the frequencies returned? It would surprising though.

Can you please share screenshots of the differences between your desktop and laptop version?




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Thanks guys I mean I don't really need that spectrum stuff be very precise (and also I doubt I will read about it for the next 3 weeks; too lazy lol I'm more of a "get yo' hands dirty" type of guy)

But here's that interesting stuff I'm talking about. @Wingnut I opened that demo in my and my roommate's computer and here are  the results:

This is the spectrum from that demo in my computer


And this is what happened in my friend's computer:



The main reason why I'm very concerned with this is that currently I'm developing a game that heavily implements Analyser class of Babylon.js. I got really confused when my game performed differently in my friend's computer and then I spent all day trying to find out what I did wrong.

I think right now my main goal is to find out how to keep these 2 systems equal in all devices if you know what I mean

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@davrous I tried to open it in MS Edge but it didn't even move. I mean the sphere is there but bars aren't scaling.

By the way it is good to know that second screenshot is the mainstream one, now I know that my computer might be the problem in the first place, thanks for that.

About firefox though, I'm downloading it right now and as soon as it finishes I will post the results :)

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