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Do Vertex colors have alpha?


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As I struggle about what to do about meshes which are Joined, which each have their own texture, I noticed that Blender has a bake to vertex color capability.

That route would reduce the skin, tongue, teeth, eyelashes, eyebrow, and eye textures to zero, so a single draw could occur.  These textures coming from make human are also very large.  FYI, these must be 1 mesh to be able to morph speech / expressions.

I noticed that vertex colors are exported as RBG not RBGA.  Just wondering if RBGA is not possible in WebGL, or just not implemented here?

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Textures.  I have found that there is an official addon called UV:Texture Atlas.  Still investigating.  Many confusing videos that start with creating the objects, assigning materials, and then using this.  I already imported all that.

Hopefully, I will get this to work.

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