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Set of Simple Questions


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- How do I create a Null Object? (A Object without a mesh but still everything else)
- How do I change the settings of a created mesh after its made? Is disposing it and recreating with new setting the only option?  I know for scale and things on a box you dont have to but what if I want to change the tessellation of a cone without rebuilding?
- Do we have methods for fillets and chamfers?
- I know we have the ability to subtract meshs from one another and merge them, but do we have process for others like excluding and containing?

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How do I have a user save a json file on their computer locally? 

I don't want people to have to paste on a text file then remember to change it to the proper extension.

and can you help dig up some math documentation on creation of parametric solids with chamfer?  I'll do the scripting I just need the source.  I've got my reference for basic parametric but I want to cover chamfers as well!

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about changing the mesh after its creation without rebuilding it, you can't ...

actually, you can easily change the vertex positions (http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/How_to_dynamically_morph_a_mesh#other-shapes-updatemeshpositions or by using updateVerticesData() methods ) but you can't change the vertex and index numbers and relationships, so the way the internal geometry is designed, without setting a new VertexBuffer under the hood, it is to say buy rebuilding something

The middle way would be to keep the same mesh but to apply the method setVerticesData(). This is the same logical mesh but a new VBO is created when called. So not a good idea to call it each frame for instance.


If your issue is to change the mesh level of detail, it's managed by BJS : http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/How_to_use_LOD

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@Pryme8 - That darned serializer keeps popping-up into your view, doesn't it?  Four different people have mentioned it to you, now, right?  Have you done a search for 'serializer" on our github source repo?  Have you done tests and watched it work?  Have you watched our sceneLoader "cast" a serialized mesh into a BJS-ready mesh?  There's SO many ways that you could answer your own questions, right? 

It's okay to ask questions, of course.  But I happen to know that you are near-genius, and could gun-down your own answers in the drop of a hat and the blink of an eye.  :)

What was it... 3 days ago... when I told you about the serializer, via PM?  sigh.  (Wingy ruffles your hair playfully and shakes his head in disapproval).  :D  What are we going to do with you, P8?  Where is your calling?  Are you taking time to eat, sometimes?  heh

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That's all well and good, but, you didn't answer my questions.  Have you tried any of the things I mentioned?  Maybe try a playground where you output a mesh with the serializer and then deserialized back into a mesh (like a sceneLoader might do)?  If so, what did you discover?  Anything fun/interesting?

Do you see how exporting/importing json is not a BJS thing, but instead a JS->browser thing?  Do you see how... the serialization and sceneLoad are really the "borders" of BJS, and beyond those, other systems take over?  It seems that sometimes these points of separation... are troubled waters for you, P-man.  :)   Thoughts?

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