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Anyone having issues with Android Webview?


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Anyone having issues with Android Webview?


I posted yesterday about an issue I was having with choppy and unresponsive performance using the Google Creative Preview.

Today I have narrowed down the issue to Android Webview by using a couple of Webview preview apps. Web Wrapper is the main one I am using. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.periplanisi.android.webwrapper

We have tested the issue across several different mini-game creatives we develop and the issue is consistent.

Is anyone else having performance issues with Webview and a straight HTML5 game being pulled into it?


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Hi bruno_,

Thanks for your response. The way the mini-games are delivered prevents us from using any 3rd party webview frameworks. We need to deliver them via a URL, and are pulled into the clients application via this URL and rendered via webview.

When we run a game in Chrome the performance is excellent, when they are rendered via webview within an app the performance drops and in some cases the mini-games are not very playable.

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