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Babylon Playground: nothing is showing


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Hi and welcome to the forum. I agree that the playground http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#V0WW9#2 shows as empty. However I think this is a problem with this particular code rather than the playground. There are plenty of playgrounds that work. If you go to http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/

then use the drop down menu top right that says basic scene you will find a long list.

Where did you come across the playground you use as an example? I am not sufficiently well versed in using dynamictextures to spot any errors but some of the experts on the site will be able to.

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aha ... I had tried about 4 babylon playground examples and they had all not worked, but the one you sent me does ... so therefore I suppose that the non-visibility was related to the code snippets  in those particular links that I tried ... what did they all have in common (you implied  that 'dynamic textures' were less-than-common BJS features, so maybe that is my first inspection)?? ... ... thanks, Shannon

BY THE WAY: the link came from http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/12178-3d-text-generation/

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Ok, got it


The VertexData objects is something we call semi-internal, it is to say, it is used by the framework to build things internally from the real public objects like Mesh objects.

We try to keep the best back-compat on every public objects obviously.

But semi-internal objects have sometimes to evolve to improve the framework and adding back-compat code on internal objects is not a good thing : more code, more memory, less maintainability, less performance. The VertexData object has evolved since this very old set of examples.

As you can see in the method call signature here : https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/Mesh/babylon.mesh.vertexData.ts#L1307

you need to use the options object parameter {}

example : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#V0WW9#56


[EDIT] : http://doc.babylonjs.com/classes/2.3/VertexData#static-creategroundfromheightmap-options-rarr-vertexdata-classes-2-3-vertexdata-

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