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Is there is a way to clean the canvas or the sean?

zied sellami

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 @JohnK ,  @NasimiAsl I'm trying to generate forms  so for that i manipulate all the Matrix (positions,normal,indice) i used my_mesh.dispose; my_mesh=null ; but after a few time using the application it comes slow , so i need a method that it init my sean to a blank step without load memory for the meshes that are disposed.

@JohnK I'm sorry but i cannot put it in the playground or show any exemple because it is confidential. i wish that you understand that :)


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This topic has come up before

Sounds like a garbage collection issue. Do you still have references to you mesh? If so mesh will not be garbage collected.

This might be worth a read http://stackoverflow.com/questions/742623/deleting-objects-in-javascript

Are there other ways of approaching what you need? Could you update positions, normals etc in existing mesh rather than create a new one?

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