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Get the pickingInfo with a Double Click event


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I would like with my 'dbclick' event function recover pickingInfo like the function onPointerDown.

How can do I ?

I would like recover the mesh informations.


I saw that there was another way to place an event on a mesh. More suitable for my case I think.

My problem with this method is that I can not access variables in my class...

this._machine.actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scene);

this._machine.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.ExecuteCodeAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPickUpTrigger, function () {                
                alert("machine cliqued");    

                alert("this._privateAttribut"); //undifined                        



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Hi guys!


(But use Deltakosh's double-click checker, cuz his is MUCH cleaner)

I added some direction and emit power settings... onto your particleSystem. I also changed to a manualEmitCount particleSystem.  A manual-emit-count PS can be started anytime - with a manual emit count = 0.  Then, when you need to use it later, you just set an emitter mesh-or-vector, and then set a manual emit count (line 87-88).

I recently learned about manual emit counts on particle systems.  They seem quite handy.  "Emit here for 5000.  Now go do 1500 there!  Swap-out the PS update function. Now go over there and spray 2000, now back over here... 1000."  Fun!   Garden hose with handy pistol spray nozzle.  heh

Picked mesh are being outputted to console (and exploding).  I tried a little auto-fade-to-invisible, but failed on that part.  :)  I created this PG and post... this morning... but the forum went broken for a while.  It wouldn't let me TALK TALK TALK, and I got scared.  :o

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