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Hybrid clothing retail site


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Here's a demo I made which is meant to be a seamless mix of 3D and 2D.


I'm not using any loading progress bars.  I put a placeholder image on the canvas and I hide it when the mesh is rendered, like this:

var start = true;		
mesh.registerAfterRender(function() {
	if (start) {
		start = false;

This way there is always something to look at in that canvas space.

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9 hours ago, totor said:

avast is blocking your site.

A few people have said that.  Its reporting even my .PNG files as malware. I've reported it to Avast to get them to analyse and remove the block.  All the online scanners I've tried don't have a problem with my site.  I've had to turn off Avast because it can block a perfectly legitimate site for no reason and it doesn't even give you the option to ignore.

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