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Creating Arcade physics bodies from Tiled rectangle objects


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In tiled, if you go and add attributes to those specific rectangle objects, then in phaser, you should be able to add it as a sprite / image. You'll have to double check this, as I haven't tried it yet, but it shouldn't be difficult. You should place any data associated with an object in tiled, into the objects tab. 

Maybe something along the lines of...  

//create a sprite from an object
  createFromTiledObject: function(element, group) {
    var sprite = group.create(element.x, element.y, element.properties.sprite);
      //copy all properties to the sprite
        sprite[key] = element.properties[key];

Read more about it here : https://gamedevacademy.org/html5-phaser-tutorial-top-down-games-with-tiled/

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