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After struggling for the last couple of months , I  was finally able to put together something which works :)

I have created, what I like to call,  a "live scene editor".

Here you basically move around in a scene, as an avatar and make changes to it.

You can check it out here 


Be warned that it might be very buggy.

Still working on instructions on how to use it.

Source code at


Written, of course :) , using Java and JSweet 


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@ozRocker  Thanks

Much of the credit goes to Babylon’s orbital camera .  

It provides lot of functionalities out of the box.

It is great for exploring things – orbiting around , zooming  into or panning around things.

Great for editors and of course great for virtual worlds where much time is spent exploring

I like it a lot and use it whenever I can.

I use it to follow the avatar - both in third person as well as in first person view.

If you zoom in, very close, into the avatar you switch into first person view but the camera still remains orbital.

I use it for objects too.

And for objects I also mimic some of the camera behavior in SecondLife / Opensim.

So if you select an object by right clicking it and then focus on it by pressing “f”,  you will see that the camera’s focus, animates slowly from the avatar to the object.

Also try another thing.

Focus the camera on an object,  orbit and/or zoom the camera to a different position and then press “Esc” to deselect the item or just move the avatar.

You will notice that the camera animates slowly back to its old position around the avatar


Edit: By Orbital I meant the  ArcRotateCamera, - not sure how that got stuck in my mind :(



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So an idea I had been toying around with was to create something called an AvatarControl, (kinda of like my EditControl).

The user will provide an avatar with appropriate animationRanges (idle,walk,walkback,run etc) and pass that to this AvatarControl.

The AvatarControl will then control the movement and camera.

var avatarControl = new AvatarControl("myAvatar", mainCamera);


You can Vishva too. To use Vishva ,this is what you will have to do 

Time to start documenting all this ;)



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Multiplayer is interesting and I would explore it, eventually.


As far as Vishva is concerned, I want to keep it as a Single Player system.

I want to populate it, not with multiple players, but with multiple NPCs.

And further, not any kind of NPCs but AI driven NPCs.

AI services are becoming very common and easier to use and I want to see if I can tap into that.


I want Vishva to be more about creating  "experiences".

Think of it as Sketchfab + interactivity +avatar + AI  driven  NPCs.


For now I want to get the basic stuff in – major being material, particle and physics.

Also want to flesh out the sensor – actuator framework.

My code is becoming a big spaghetti mess, would have to refactor that soon

Lots of work.

Few  months just doing the basic J


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