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SURVIVR - A Multiplayer online zombie survival game

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Hi guys!

For my dissertation, I created a 2D multiplayer zombie survival game.

The game is completely created by me - including the sprites and the networking code :)

The game uses no game engines - it is pure Canvas2D :D

It's made using mainly Canvas2D, Node.js and Socket.io.

Check it out here!  http://cameronchalmers.uk/survivr-game.html

It works in Chrome and Firefox, IE throws errors but it doesn't matter as this is only a test project.


Let me know what you think :)




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1. User registration is bugged. When you create a new account it says you have successfully created it, but when you refresh you cannot login with that account. You must create a new account each time.

2. The movement is very laggy (as SET001) has said -- I'm from the US and it seems like you're from UK so that's fine, maybe add US servers? :D

3. While looking at the Websocket frames you're sending 7,000 byte messages at 30fps. That's insane. Have you thought of using a physics system so you only need to update the velocities of the bodies and have the client do the interpolation? TreasureArena does this.

4. When mobs aggro towards you, there is no collision and they just all pile ontop (Not sure if intended)

5. I personally don't like how arrow keys are used to attack? I was hoping we could just click the left mouse button :P.

6. The minimap is perfect.  

7. The screen transitions feel "laggy" if you will, Not sure if that is intended, but maybe smooth it a bit using a CSS opacity:1 to opacity:0 keyframe.


All I got for now! Take some of my suggestions with a grain a salt, don't mean to come off as too judgemental; I think you got something going here and would like to see it be better.

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Thanks for the replies.I'd like to comment on each one so here we go :):)

  1. the user reg is ok for me - i created an account, refreshed and logged on with it. the game as it stands has no db connection, so if you come back an hour later Heroku will have put the app to sleep, effectively resetting all of the user info. this may be what you experienced? 
  2. It must be due to the UK severs cos it's almost instant here, and i've had about 20 people on at one time testing it... however i admit originally i accidentally hosted the server on a US heroku server and it was nowhere near as bad as 10sec response times so ill look into it!
  3. haha yeah, i self taught myself everything including node and javascript so the network timings were just a stab in the dark. the project was actually focussing on the server side of things and therefore I didn't bother learning to implement interpolation - but for my next project it will definitely happen.
  4. yeah they pile ontop of each other hahaa, i never really bothered to fix that
  5. the bullets have 4 choices of direction so i couldnt implement the mouse clicks on this game - however, i will be doing it for the next game i make
  6. hahahahah thanks :D also did you notice the totally useful compass ?
  7. yeah - if you mean the fades in and out then they just increment the alpha layer of a black rect by 0.2 every x seconds. definitely could make that tidier but for now it does the job :P

thanks for your response! i gave you a big response cos i wanted you to know i care about each thing you've brought up! i'm really happy to get feedback on the game! + i just wanted people to see it :)

thanks for playing!


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