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Found 11 results

  1. God33

    survival island

    it a free roam island game where u can survive and explore islands https://make.gamefroot.com/editor
  2. Garage Apocalypse is a survival, strategy game made for Dev Squad Jam. The theme was "One Room". In this game you need to balance between shooting zombies, keeping your doors reinforced and repairing car. When car is repaired up to 100% you can escape and you won the game. Play it here: http://gamedistribution.com/games/garage-apocalypse
  3. Hi! Thanks for joining me from my previous thread or if you're new here! Previous thread: MAJOR GOAL: Create a multiplayer game using websockets. GAME CONCEPT: Attempt to be the last ball surviving as other balls and environmental effects attempt to knock you off the platform. STATUS: Finessing the single-player version where it is just player vs. environmental effects. Check out the current incarnation of the single-player game here: http://aaronjanke.com/ballGame/ Github: https://github.com/ballAndBoardInc/ballGame CHALLENGE #1 Currently, I'm lookin
  4. Hi guys, We want to share our HTML5 game project Planet Of Kaz. Here's some of the game features: > GAME FEATURES>> Collectible skill card- Collecting skill card by finding and buying from npc and roullete.>> Customized skill- Bring wanted skill card only, and leave unwanted skill card.>> Outer space monsters- Prepare to fight many kinds of monsters.>> Rescue- Rescue as many survivor as you can, each of them have a unique role to help you. You can play the Planet Of Kaz game free at: http://www.littlegiantworld.com/games/planetof
  5. Hey guys, today we finally launched our game Morterra! Morterra is an online survival game set at the dawn of man. You awake with absolutely nothing and must find food, water, and protection from others. You will need tools to build a base to protect yourself, armors to defend against attacks, and weapons to fight back. You will eventually grow tired and need to sleep. However, while you sleep you are still vulnerable to attacks, so you must build adequate protection for yourself to survive the night. The world contains no edges, no "safe-zones" (other than bases you build for yourse
  6. The Game: AfterEffect Genre: Survival Horror RTS Graphics: 2d Isometric Style: Dark comic book style Storyline: This is a make your own adventure where as the game play varies depending on how you set it up. You could have zombies, or something else entirely in the game as well as manipulated difficulty. Early Concept of the story picker. Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Possibly CoffeeScript Engine: Pixi.JS, Phaser.IO, Phaser Isometric Plugin. WebGL/CANVAS Start Date: December, 20th, 2014 The Team We are a small group of people who are working on a similar project. I am the main lead for
  7. I started teaching myself javascript properly about this time last year and finished my first Phaser game last week, this is my first real javascript project too. The aim of the game is to protect the blue square, by tapping on the red squares before they hit it, pretty simple yeah? Pretty addictive too! You earn in game credits by completing missions and then you can use said credits to buy power ups to make the game easier. I got to mission 16 before i had to buy a power up, if you grab a copy let me know how you get on. It's available for free on android from either the google p
  8. Hi guys! For my dissertation, I created a 2D multiplayer zombie survival game. The game is completely created by me - including the sprites and the networking code The game uses no game engines - it is pure Canvas2D It's made using mainly Canvas2D, Node.js and Socket.io. Check it out here! http://cameronchalmers.uk/survivr-game.html It works in Chrome and Firefox, IE throws errors but it doesn't matter as this is only a test project. Let me know what you think Cam
  9. Island of conflicts http://islandofconflicts.com This game is a 2D real time survival inspired by Rust. What is it about ? - Explore the map and look for necessary resources to make items. - Survive the hostile environment (animals and players). - Build your home and expand your property to protect yourself. - Make weapons and explosives in order to raid and rob other players. - Try to acquire a title by going into areas guarded by dangerous creatures. - Title owners receive the ability to tax other players when they're collecting resources. This game is cu
  10. *Free to Play Browser-Based Survival Game! Check out Apocalypse City: Last Stand - Gameplay (v1.0) on YouTube: Youtube.com About Game: MijiKai Game Studio presents Apocalypse City: Last Stand! An Epic New Casual Game. *Free to Play, Browser-based Survival Game. Featuring fast-paced survival action in your web browser Powered by Unity 5 WebGL! Apocalypse City: Last Stand is a casual survival game that includes deathmatch style gameplay with survival elements. Engage in untimed free-for-all matches while exploring post-apocalyptic environments trying to survive mutated creatures and
  11. Endyr - play together! (or die alone) I'd like to introduce my HTML5 survival game called "Endyr". It features all of the following (and more): Realtime battles (use fists, swords, bows, throw knifes or axes, bombs, ...)Damage model (hit head/body/arms/legs with pierce/slash/fire/electro/etc.)Grid-based inventory (supporting bags-in-bags, bottles for liquids)Crafting (mine ore, melt to ingots, harvest wood, forge weapons)Inventing (use tools, workbenches and skills to create powerful items)Farming (grow plants, harvest food, cook dinner)Housing (build your house, put furniture in, get a pet)P
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