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Babylon.js Developer for Web VR


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We are working on an in-browser cardboard VR game and are looking for a seasoned Babylon.js developer to assist in developing a complete VR camera for Babylon. The existing VR camera in Babylon is buggy and incomplete. Primary tasks:

  1. Fixing the VR and device orientation cameras. Currently, rotating your phone to the right also rotates the camera. Device orientation is offset all around.
  2. Fix the ability to view on an Oculus headset through the browser
  3. Smooth out the motion from the device orientation, currently the motion is pretty laggy.

We may require additional assistance developing our game(s), but we first need assistance finalizing a usable Babylon VR camera.


Please apply with questions and examples of your work to [email protected]

You can learn more about us and check out our portfolio here: www.neo-pangea.com




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