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Tweening in render loop


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Hi there!

I'm still fighting with my labels :) Now they follow around nicely, but I'd like them to not just linearly move but tween continuously. (similar to this: http://codepen.io/grayghostvisuals/pen/kepDb/)

I've tried animating from current position to new position in the update loop but it stacks up a million animations and does nothing. I had a look at blended animation too with no success.


var tweenLabel = new BABYLON.Animation("tweenLabel", "position", 30, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_VECTOR3, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CONSTANT);

// Animation keys
var keys = [];
    frame: 0,
    value: label.position

    frame: 100,
    value: newPosition

scene.beginAnimation(label, 0, 100, false);

What's the trick? :D



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Hey Adam, thanks hehe but I know it works outside the loop :)  My problem is specifically about constantly tweening a position (to follow the camera for instance, or the mouse pointer etc etc). Maybe I shouldn't use the animate function and just += the position manually in the render loop?

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Numa,  You want to just set the position of something in a beforeRender.  Forget starting an animation, the before render IS the animation.

I did something similar, not sprites or in a before render, but label meshes & in a registerAfterworldMatrixUpdate.  It kept a label above a mesh.  The part that would be similar to your before render is:

	label.position.x = cloth.position.x;
	label.position.y = cloth.position.y + 5;
	label.position.z = cloth.position.z;

Here is an old scene I did.

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I ended up doing it manually as you guys suggested. I used an old "chase" behavior I had lying around somewhere, works perfectly :)

scene.registerBeforeRender(function () {
    var targetDirection = newPosition.subtract(label.position);

    var speed = 0.005;
    var moveDistance = speed * deltaTime;

    // Move towards target until we're really close
    if (targetDirection.length() > moveDistance / 10)
        // Here I don't use the normalized targetDirection vector so that the object
        // slows down before reaching the target. Similar to an ease-out tween.
    // If we're too close just jump to target position to avoid overshooting
        label.position = newPosition;

Thanks again!

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