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Blender animation doesn't export to Babylon


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Sorry, but shape keys are not natively supported in Babylon, hence they are not in a babylon file.  I have my own exporter of Blender, which generates in-line source code instead of a JSON/Babylon file.  It processes shape keys into groups, based on the format of the shape key's name. This is so a single mesh could have independent deformations on different parts of it.  Right now in my work, I have 2 groups, FACE & WINK, and plan on L_HAND & R_HAND.

This is a work in progress.  I will eventually share it as an extension, but I do not have a time table.  Am coming real close to finishing 10k word speech generation using a make human mesh.  Thought about putting out a public link for the speech tool, but since the extension would not also be ready for use might be too much of a tease.

In any case, your shape key animation would not export.  I only generate in-line javascript to represent shape key groups.  No animation is transferred.  I do not believe in the BJS Animation approach.  It is a bulky playback oriented system.  Imagine how many megabytes would be required to stuff 10k words of animation into a .babylon file.  What if there were 5 characters in the scene?

After the shape key code is closed, I need to get the integrated skeleton interpolation working, which should result in a 10X reduction in amount of data transfer.  The exporter will only write out the key frames, not 30 of them per second.  The extension would generate the intermediate frames on the fly according to the frame rate the scene was sustaining.  It will also transfer any translation of the root bone to the meshes position.  This is a very long term project, and if it were easy to do, it would have been complete long ago, sorry.


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