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I made some interesting game/demo. I would like to show people this game. Mabey someone will be interesting to build any model.

I would like to publish it, but would like to make code copyright and for learning purpose.

It was made in babylon.js

I have 2 options to publish it on web or hide it and put it on android.
I would like to show people it on web (webgl html5) - babylon.js framework

Can I add any coyright or any license in my code? Which how? (I would like to show code for learning purpose and not for commercial purpose?

How can I do that and where?


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11 hours ago, ian said:

Can I add any coyright or any license in my code? Which how? (I would like to show code for learning purpose and not for commercial purpose?

Lot of things to clarify here.

  1. If you write code, you (and only you) have copyright to it. This is automatic, you don't have to do anything. Adding a note like "Copyright Frank Smith 2016" is a good idea to make things clear, but it's not technically required.
  2. Having copyright to your code means, loosely speaking, that you're the only one allowed to do anything with it (like copy and redistribute it). It doesn't matter whether the code is private or public - even if you put it on github or post it to your blog, by default you're still the only person allowed to use/redistribute it.
  3. To let other people use your code, you license it. This means just publishing the code together with a license that says what people are allowed to do with it.
  4. Copyrights and licenses are completely separate. Even if you license your code you still hold copyright to it.

There are lots and lots of licenses, for various purposes. It sounds like you might like a creative commons license. Browse that site a little, they have human-readable explanations and a chooser thingy for selecting the license you want. You can choose a license that permits people to use your code but only for non-commercial purposes.


Of course it goes without saying that if you publish your code, people might do whatever they want regardless of license. Which is to say, somebody in e.g. China might grab it, add banner ads, and publish it as an Android app, and there won't be very much you can do about it. You might consider only publishing part of your code, like just the bit that you think people can learn from.

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