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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys and girls I'm an indie developer of a gaming website related to desktop, mobile, console and web games. It's free to add your games with direct links to official stores (even if you don't get much traffic it's good for your SEO/ASO probably). Besides, I have a simple API for web games, with methods for authorization and payment processing. However my web category right now is almost empty, and I my minor goal is to make it more populated with games. I'm making this project in my free time, and mostly doing some dev things, however I'm also trying to grow it's rankings and doing some marketing. Is not going very fast and hard to compete with existing sites, but I love to do that. So, basically, I'm looking for game developers, who doesn't mind publishing their games on an indie and yet-to-be-grown project. Everything is discussable If you feel like we can give each other a hand of help on this tough way to success - let me know please. Thanks for attention!
  2. Hi there, I believe I can find great friends and partners here. I made a website for games marketing. You can submit your games there for free and they will look great, you can also add links to your mobile and desktop versions. If your game has a browser version (which is highly possible, according to forum name), you can use my website API for authorization and payments and probably we can earn together and share revenues. So here is my website: https://play-best-games.com It is modern, adaptive and I put a lot of effort into polishing and marketing (yet in my free time after work). So, all developers welcome! But please, submit only finished works, no alpha builds or basic animations, they will hardly make any money. But if you got something interesting and want to promote it - this is a place that will grow with time. Thanks for your time! P.S. to mods - if you can help me drive more attention to this topic, I will be thankful!
  3. Hi There! I wanted to ask you if someone knows how to publish a HTML5 game on Facebook, as developer do we need any documentation for it? I've this information https://developers.facebook.com/ already, it would be great to connect with someone that has experience on it! Thank you so much
  4. Hi i have plan to licensing my HTML5 games, and i have a question before doing this. If you licensing your game (ex: someone or a company send a message for game licensing), do you keep your js minify or if your game made with game engine like Construct 2 or Game maker do you include source file? Thank you! have a nice day!
  5. hi everyone. happy new year.. we are developing MMORPG by HTM5 and using webgl, websocket ... we are finding good publishing place.. and please tell us if you have experiences about this.. i find https://famobi.com ? how about this? thx
  6. Hi everyone, we're new to the forum so first of all I think it's a good idea to introduce KaiserGames a little bit and show you guys what we're doing. We're located in Cologne, Germany and it all started with creating our own flash games portals around 2005/2006. Our first portals have been KralOyun.com and SpielAffe.de. Both became the market leader in their respective countries (Turkey and Germany) rather quickly and maintain this position until today. We run a couple of other games portals in different languages, but these two are mainly the pillars of KaiserGames' success. Since late 2013 we started focussing on HTML5 games and launched the respective spin-offs of the aforementioned portals for mobile devices, namely m.spielaffe.de and m.kraloyun.com. They have been growing nicely since January 2014 and each of them already counts more than 2 Million visits every month. We have been following the contents of this forum for quite a while now and thought that now may be a good time to participate and become a part of this community. We're open for interesting discussions and everything else regarding HTML5 games Of course we are mainly interested in meeting cool and capable people here. It's all about the games, so we really hope to make some great connections, especially to developers who are interested in sharing their games with a wide audience, selling licenses and stuff like that. From what we've seen so far, we have definitely come to the right place Looking forward to joining some valuable and worthwhile conversations. If you have any questions, please ask us anytime! Best regards from Germany, Lars / KaiserGames PS: We are developing games in-house as well. If you have the time, maybe take a look at m.spielaffe.de and search for Smarty Bubbles and Kiba & Kumba: High Jump.
  7. Hi All, I've been studying HTML5 for a while now, intending to replace Flixel for Phaser on my gamedev course. But the syllabus isn't only composed of techincal stuff, I've put it together from a pragmatic point of view. And one of the aspects I try to focus is the publishing process. As I've just entered this brave new world, I'm still learning the ropes on HTML5 publishing, thus I've decided to catalog some data on the industry. I've created this spreadsheet to try to hold as much data on HTML5 Game Publishers as possible. And I would like to ask for your help. http://bit.ly/11bxxcf You guys have been on this for a while now and I'm sure you have valuable information on the subject. So, anyone who does, feel free to either write a comment on the spreadsheet or to contact me (PM, Twitter, etc). Hope we can help each other. All the best -Alvaro Cavalcanti.
  8. Helo I made some interesting game/demo. I would like to show people this game. Mabey someone will be interesting to build any model. I would like to publish it, but would like to make code copyright and for learning purpose. It was made in babylon.js I have 2 options to publish it on web or hide it and put it on android. I would like to show people it on web (webgl html5) - babylon.js framework Can I add any coyright or any license in my code? Which how? (I would like to show code for learning purpose and not for commercial purpose? How can I do that and where?
  9. Hello! I am a new member of this forum, so I hope that my post will be welcomed here! I am not entirely sure it should be posted here but couldn't figure out a better place. Please advise if you have an idea. I would like to present you a brand new tool we launched for the gaming industry: AdoptMyGame (http://www.adoptmygame.com)! This innovative website allows developers, for free now, to quickly advertise their games to a large number of publishing partners (you can see on the bottom of the website which publishers already gave us a special support, but please note that we are in contact with many more). Games and gamers are everywhere around the world, that's why the objective of this B2B tool is to help developers from every continent to unleash their games' full potential. We want you to show your titles to many people in the industry (publishers, investors, consultants etc,) and stop missing great distribution opportunities. Publisher have very precise filtering options, so if you have a game which is relevant for their needs, they will see it very quickly and be able to contact you in one click. After that is done, AdoptMyGame is not getting involved in your business. We just help you to be found and contacted. If you have one or several games, for any device, and at any stage of development (from Design concept to even already distributed on some regions/platforms), it can be very beneficial for you to quickly register and fill your profile and add those games. That will be great for us to have more games at the start, and that will be even better for you, as your game will be more visible to publishing partners! Because in the next weeks more and more other games will appear. When you add a game, it will not be visible to anyone else than you, until the moment we approve it. We will check the projects regularly and if we see that everything is looking properly, then we will make them visible to all. As I mentioned earlier, it's for now completely free to use. It will later costs, probably with a per-game-visible-for-a-certain-time rate basis. Let me know if you have any comment or question. I am really looking forward to counting your games in very soon
  10. Hi game developers, We're a game publisher and we've got a special offer for match 3 games that can run on Facebook, iOS and Android: 30,000 free game installs on Facebook and 10,000 on mobile. To apply you should have a Match 3 game which is already live or can be launched on either Facebook, iOS or Android. By Match 3 here we mean any game with tile-matching, cluster-breaking, trace-a-line, or bubble-shooting mechanics where you have to align a certain number of the same pieces in a row/cluster/or else. Your game must be free-to play with in-app purchases (or at least, you should be ready to implement one). Send your game for review via this registration form: http://special-offer.renatus.com/
  11. Hey folks, I'm one of the co-founders of Clay.io, a platform for HTML5 games. We're rolling out a new feature that allows publishers to search through some of the 380+ games that have been added to Clay.io. For those familiar with Mochi Media, it's fairly similar to their publisher system - with the added benefit of games that work on the mobile web. Publishers, you can find more information here: http://clay.io/publisher-tools Developers, you can find more information here: http://clay.io/development-tools To send me your feedback, you can reply here, send me a PM, or email me: [email protected]
  12. I'm new to this world, although I have already some projects using Flash. How can I make a Phaser game to run as a native app? I'm looking a lot of mobile frameworks, as I already love Flixel, I want to try Phaser. Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone, This is my First post here and i would like to share my on going experience on developing and publishing my HTML5 mobile browser games.am just developing small games for now,i dont want to waste time on bigger titles just to test how publishers is paying for games. I have decided to develop 2 games per week from now on and sell non-exclusive licenses to publishers.if am profitable then i will move to Andriod and ios native apps then Appflood cross promotion. All i wanted to do is share my experience so that other indie developers take advantage of it. there are several developers who are just waiting for right information to learn and take a step on developing games. Here is my new Side scrolling Runner game Raw sampple: This is just a sample work and i want to make very light weight games so no more depth and shadows included. Game will support every mobile and tablet Browsers and also resolutions.with in couple of days will share more information on this game and i wish to get some feedback. If any publishers are reading this post then you can contact me for quick games to be developed for your mobile sites. regards, Nandakumar
  14. This is my very first post so, first of all, hi everyone. I'm finishing my first mobile browser game and I would like to know witch ones are the cross device performance standards you use to validate the game. How many different devices do you use for testing? Do you only test the game in the modern ones?
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