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Issue getting Fullscreen to work through Cocoon.io


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Hey guys, new html5 developer here. I've been working on my first game with Phaser and all has been great until running into a wall called Cocoon Canvas+. The issue i've been having is getting my game to run in fullscreen through Cocoon.io. I've tested my game using intel XDK and with that service my game scales into fullscreen no problems, but the fps is slow and I need better performance. So i'm trying to get Cocoon canvas+ to work and so far all i get is a small version of my game in the top left corner of the device displayed. There must be something i'm missing in the project setup to enable Cocoon fullscreen to work properly. Has anyone been successful with Cocoon canvas+ fullscreen games and would care to help me out? Thanks

I believe the issue lies in my html file.

Also I am not sure if I have enabled Cordova properly for Cocoon, or if I even have to enable Cordova.

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