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PandaTests - Basic tests manager


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Still working on my Bomberman-clone, today I was writing the Grid component and was looking for a way to check if everything was working properly. Nothing better than tests to check if everything is correct, so I wrote a quick but useful plugin to do... tests :)

PandaTests is a plugin for Panda.js that permits to do assertions the right way. To learn more about this plugin, read the following samples.

You can download it via GitHub since I finally created a repository for my plugins: PandaTests on GitHub



In order to install PandaTests, simply copy this file into your <project_root>/src/plugins folder. That's all ! You'll then have to require it whenever you want to use it in your code. (see the samples)


Basic usage

File main.js:

.body(function () {
  game.createScene('Main', {
    init: function () {
      // We first instanciate a Test object.
      var test = new game.Test();

      // Then we proceed our tests.
      test.assert(true == true, 'true equals true'); // Test pass
      test.assert(true == false, 'true equals false'); // Test fails
      test.assert(0 == false, '0 equals false'); // Test pass
      test.assert('false' == false, '"false" equals false'); // Test fails

      // Now we can ask for tests results.
      * -- Tests results --
      * - Passed tests: 2 (50%)
      * - Failed tests: 2 (50%)
      * - Total  tests: 4
      * -- Tests results --

      // We can also reset tests results.


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