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Looking for people to work with for GameJolt Adventure Jam.


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Here is the information http://jams.gamejolt.io/adventurejam2016. I want to start on my first game jam. However, I do not have anyone that I know personally that into game design. So I hope I can find partners here.

I can only do programming and I learn my programming from self taught. Here is my GitHub profile (https://github.com/notalentgeek) (if relevant), but this is just for my personal project and all of it is not yet documented.

Edit 1:
I made a follow up thread on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/4h8k0g/how_can_you_gather_team_for_game_jam_i_need/) asking for a guidance for online game jam. Honestly, this will be my first game jam so I am little bit overwhelmed.

Edit 2:
So far from the threads I made in these sites.

Here are some contacts.


  • Loudviscous (from Facebook).
  • PCGS_Russ (pixel artist) (from Reddit).


  • avinance (from GameJolt Forum).
  • diatonicnerds (from Reddit).
  • Ted Wennerström (from TigSource Forum).


  • binkiklou (from GameJolt Forum).

Edit 3:
At this moment I am not looking for a composer anymore.

You can ask me for Skype and other contact details by private message me.

Link of threads:

Links related to the game jam:

Software used:

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